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RoHS & DFARS Compliant

Inspection & Sampling per:
ANSi/ASQ Z1.0-2003

Equipment Calibration to:
ANSi/NCSL Z540-3-2006

Commercial Hardware

Bolts | Screws | Fasteners | Studs | Nuts | Inserts | Pins | Rivets | Washers | Rods

Commercial hardware products include machine screws, cap screws, socket & headless products to MIL-1222H & FF-S-86C specifications in materials including A-325, Monel® 400, 40S & KSCO®. Standard & exotic coatings include ceramic composite.

We carry a complete line of Commercial Hardware including:


Aircraft Bolts
Alloy Bolts
Alloy-20 Bolts
Blank Bolts
Brass & Bronze Bolts
Bronze Bolts
Button Head Bolts
Carbon Steel Bolts
Carriage Bolts
Clevis Bolts
Collar Bolts
Corrosion Resistant Bolts
Countersunk Bolts
Custom Bolts
Cut Thread Bolts
Cutter Head Bolts
Eye Bolts
Fin Head Bolts
Flanged Head Bolts
Forged Bolts
Hardened & Ground Bolts
Hastelloy®, Monel®, Nickel Bolts
Hex Grade 8 Bolts
Hexagon Head Bolts
Hexagon Head
   Chrome Plated Bolts
High Strength Bolts
High Temperature Alloy Bolts
Inconel® Bolts
Lag Bolts
Large Diameter Aircraft Bolts
Locking Bolts
Machine Bolts
Metal Bolts
Metric Bolts
Metric Aircraft Bolts
Metric Chrome/
   Chromium Plated Bolts
Metric Special Bolts
Metric Stainless Steel Bolts
Metric Stainless Steel Bolts
Military Specification Bolts
Milled Bolts
Monel® Bolts
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Bolts
Nickel Silver Bolts
Nylon Bolts
Recessed Head Bolts
Rim Bolts
Ring Bolts
Roll Thread Bolts
Round Head Bolts
Self-Locking Bolts
Self-Retaining Bolts
Self-Sealing Bolts
Shoulder Bolts
Socket Head Bolts
Special Bolts
Square Head Bolts
Stainless Steel Bolts
Step Bolts
Stud Bolts
T-Head or T-Slot Bolts
Tap Bolts
Taper Head Bolts
Thumb Bolts
Toggle Bolts
U Bolts
U Round Bend Bolts
U Square Bend Bolts
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A-286 Corrosion Resistant
   Nickel Screws
Aerospace Screws
Aircraft Screws
Alloy Steel Screws
Alloy Steel Large Size Screws
Alloy-20 Screws
Button Head Cap Screws
Cap Screws
Cap Hexagon Head Screws
Cap Square Head Screws
Captive Screws
Flat Head Cap Screws
Flat Head Socket
   Head Cap Screws
Ground Screws
Hastelloy®, Monel®
   & Nickel Screws
Hexagon Head Screws
Instrument Screws
Jack Screws
Jack Metric Screws
Lead Screws
Left-Hand Screws
Lock Washer Screws
Locking Screws
Machine Screws
Machine Self-Sealing Screws
Metric Screws
Metric Sems Screws
Metric Stainless Steel Screws
Military Specification Screws
Miniature Screws
Molybdenum Screws
Monel® Screws
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Screws
Nylon Screws
Precision Instrument Screws
Recessed Head Screws
Self-Drilling Screws
Self-Drilling Stainless Screws
Self-Locking Screws
Self-Sealing Screws
Self-Tapping Screws
Sems Screws
Set Screws
Set Brass Tip Screws
Set Hexagon Head Screws
Set Nylon Tip Screws
Set Slotted Screws
Set Socket Head Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
Shoulder Screws
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Head Cap Monel® Screws
Socket Set Screws
Stainless Steel Screws
Tamper Resistant Screws
Tamper-Proof Screws
Tantalum Screws
Tapped Head Screws
Tapping Screws
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Fasteners (Engineering &
   Technical Support Services)
A-286 Corrosion Resistant
   Nickel Fasteners
A-286 Stainless Steel Fasteners
Aerospace Fasteners
Aircraft Fasteners
Alloy 600 Fasteners
Alloy-20 Fasteners
Aluminum Fasteners
AN MS NAS NASM Fasteners
Blind Fasteners
Brass Fasteners
Bronze Fasteners
Button Fasteners
Cable Aerospace &
   Aircraft Fasteners
Captive Fasteners
Coated Fasteners
Cold Headed Fasteners
Drilled Fasteners
Electronic Fasteners
Exotic Material Fasteners
Fillister Fasteners
Hastelloy®, B-2 Fasteners
Hastelloy®, Monel® &
   Nickel Fasteners
High Strength Fasteners
High Temperature Fasteners
Inconel® Fasteners
Industrial Fasteners
Large Size Fasteners
Lock Fasteners
Locking Fasteners
Marine Fasteners
Metal Fasteners
Metric Fasteners
Metric Aircraft &
   Aerospace Fasteners
Metric ASTM Fasteners
Military Specification Fasteners
Miniature Fasteners
Molybdenum Fasteners
Monel®, K-500 Fasteners
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Fasteners
Non-Metallic Fasteners
Nylon Fasteners
OEM Fasteners
Panel Aircraft &
   Aerospace Fasteners
Pin Fasteners
Pin AN MS NAS NASM Fasteners
Plastic Fasteners
Quick Connect/Disconnect
Quick Release Fasteners
Sealing Fasteners
Self-Clinching Fasteners
Self-Locking Fasteners
Self-Sealing Fasteners
Sheet Metal Fasteners
Small Diameter Fasteners
Special Fasteners
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Stainless Steel Aircraft Fasteners
Standoff Fasteners
Steel Fasteners
Structural High Strength Fasteners
Tantalum Fasteners
Threaded Insert Fasteners
Titanium Fasteners
Tubing Fasteners
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Alloy Steel Studs
Aluminum Studs
Blind Studs
Brass & Bronze Studs
Continuous Thread Studs
Copper Studs
Metric Studs
Military Specification Studs
Monel® Studs
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Studs
Shoulder Studs
Stainless Steel Studs
Threaded Studs
Titanium Studs
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12 Point Nuts
Alloy Nuts
Alloy-20 Nuts
Aluminum Nuts
Blind Rivet Nuts
Cap Nuts
Captive Washer Nuts
Clevis Nuts
Clinch Nuts
Flange Nuts
Forged Nuts
Hastelloy® Nuts
Hexagon Nuts
Insert Nuts
Lock Nuts
Lug Nuts
Machine Nuts
Machine Screw Nuts
Military Specification Nuts
Miniature Nuts
Monel® Nuts
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Nuts
Nylon Nuts
Panel Nuts
Quick Release Nuts
Retaining Nuts
Ring Nuts
Rivet Nuts
Screw Nuts
Self Sealing Nuts
Self-Clinching Nuts
Self-Locking Nuts
Self-Locking Aircraft &
   Aerospace Nuts
Self-Piercing Nuts
Self-Threading Nuts
Sheet Metal Nuts
Sleeve Nuts
Slotted Nuts
Square Nuts
Stainless Steel Nuts
T or Tee Nuts
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Aluminum Inserts
Blind Inserts
Brass Inserts
Carbide Inserts
Carbon Inserts
Jack Nut® Inserts
Metal Inserts
Panel Inserts
Rivet Nut Inserts
Screw Thread Inserts
Screw Thread Left-Hand Inserts
Self-Clinching Inserts
Self-Tapping Inserts
Threaded Inserts
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Aircraft Pins
Clevis Pins
Electronic Pins
Exotic Metals Pins
Fastening Pins
Lock Pins
Machined Pins
Military Specification Pins
Miniature Pins
Dowels Dowel Rods & Pins
Dowels Dowel Rods & Metal Pins
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Aircraft Rivets
Alloy Rivets
Aluminum Rivets
Blind Rivets
Blind Aircraft & Aerospace Rivets
Button Head Rivets
Countersunk Rivets
Military Specification Rivets
Miniature Rivets
Pan Head Rivets
Plastic Rivets
Snap Rivets
Spacer Rivets
Threaded Rivets
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Aircraft & Aerospace Washers
Alloy Washers
Aluminum Washers
AN MS NAS & NASM Washers
Belleville Disc Washers
Belleville Disc 17-7PH
   Stainless Steel Washers
Belleville Disc 301 Stainless
   Steel Washers
Belleville Disc Beryllium
   Copper Washers
Belleville Disc H13 Washers
Belleville Disc Inconel® Washers
Belleville Disc Phosphor
   Bronze Washers
Belleville Disc Stainless
   Steel Washers
Belleville Disc Steel Washers
Carbon Steel Washers
Chrome Plated Washers
Countersunk Flush Washers
Flange Washers
Flat Washers
Flat Steel Washers
Galvanized Washers
Hardened & Ground Washers
Hardened Steel Washers
Lock Washers
Machined Washers
Metal Washers
Metric Washers
Mica Washers
Military Specification Washers
Miniature Washers
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Washers
Non-Ferrous Metal Washers
Plastic Washers
PTFE Washers
Screw Washers
Self-Sealing Washers
Sems Washers
Shoulder Washers
Spacing Washers
Special Size Washers
Split Washers
Stainless Steel Washers
Steel Washers
Zinc Washers
Sealing Rubber-to-Metal
   Bonded Washers
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Rods Cut To Specification
All-Threaded Rods
Aluminum Rods
Bolt Rods
Dowel Rods
Hardened & Ground Rods
Headed Rods
Heat Resistant Rods
Hook & Eye Rods
Inconel® Rods
Machined Rods
Magnesium Rods
Metric Rods
Molybdenum Rods
Naval Brass Rods
Nickel & Nickel Alloy Rods
Nickel Aluminum Bronze Rods
Nickel Silver Rods
Pinion Rods
Plastic Rods
Platinum Rods
Precision Rods
Screw Rods
Special Alloy Rods
Square Steel Rods
Stainless Steel Rods
Steel Rods
Tantalum Rods
Teflon® Rods
Threaded Rods
Threaded, B16 Rods
Threaded, B7 Rods
Threaded, Nylon Rods
Threaded, Plastic Rods
Titanium Rods
Tungsten Rods
Turnbuckle Rods
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